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 2018/19 SEASON

Monty Python's Spamalot
(Sep. 21 - Oct. 6)

(Jan. 11 - 26)

(Mar. 1 - 3)

Avenue Q
(Mar. 29 - Apr. 13)

The Wedding Singer
(Jun. 14 - 29)
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The Wedding Singer

Book by Chad Begeulin and Tim Herlihy
Music by Matthew Skar
Lyrics by Chad Beguelin
Based on the New Line Cinema Film Written by Tim Herlihy

Directed & Choreographed by Danielle Desmarais and Jeffrey Diodati
Musical Direction by Chelsea Wellman

Audition Dates


Callbacks, should they be required, will be held Tuesday, February 26 at 6:00-10:00pm

*Note that specific numbers will be required to be prepared for callbacks (see character notes), and these will be emailed during callback notifications

Audition Location

Auditions are held at the Beddington Theatre Arts Centre

375 Bermuda Dr NW, Calgary, AB (Click here for directions).

Audition Requirements

Members of Equity and ACTRA please note that as FRC produces shows on a volunteer, recreational basis, we will not pay any professional association fees, such as the fees stipulated by Equity's Amateur Guest Artist policy, under any circumstances whatsoever.

Each auditioner should prepare their best minute each of two song selections, satisfying the following requirements:

- one 80's era rock song
- one contrasting Musical Theatre song

Both songs should highlight vocal range and ability to portray character.

Please note that auditioners should bring backing tracks or an accompanist (piano will be provided, but no accompanist). A CAPELLA AUDITIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. .

Auditioners should be prepared to remain for a dance call at the end of each hour. Please bring dance shoes and clothing you can move in.

About the Show

When it's your wedding day and my song begins to play I can guarantee that love will find you!

It's 1985, and rock star wannabe, Robbie Hart, is New Jersey's favourite wedding singer. He's the life of the party until his own fiancée leaves him at the altar. Shot through the heart, Robbie makes every wedding as disastrous as his own. Enter Julia, a winsome waitress who wins his affection. As luck would have it, Julia is about to be married to a Wall Street shark, and, unless Robbie can pull off the performance of a decade, the girl of his dreams will be gone forever.

Come back to a time when hair was big, greed was good, collars were up, and a wedding singer might just be the coolest guy in the room. Based on the hit Adam Sandler movie, just say yes to the most romantic musical in twenty years.

The one that you want is right in front of your eyes

Run Dates:

June 14th - 29th, 2019, Beddington Theatre Arts Centre

PLEASE NOTE: For the week prior to opening (beginning Sunday June 9th), please expect a rehearsal or other activity on each day.


Rehearsals run Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, beginning with a first-read through of the script on Sunday, March 3rd.

Roles Available

NameGenderVocal RangeDescription
Robbie Hart M B3 to A5 Age: 25 to 35

The lead singer of a band. Handsome and charismatic. A comedian. A truly 'nice' guy that has the classic lead singer aura and personality. Also a bit of a dreamer. In love with love until Linda leaves him at the altar and breaks his heart.

Callback numbers will include: Casualty of Love, If I Told You (with Julia), Somebody Kill Me
Sammy M C4 to A5 Age 25 to 35

The bass player in the wedding band and one of Robbie's best friends. A total guy's guy, but beneath his pretending to love being a bachelor he is actually in love with Holly.

Callback number will be Single
George M C4 to A5 Age: 25 to 35

The wedding band's keyboardist and one of Robbie's best friends. He is sensitive and somewhat flamboyant. The foil to Sammy's super guy attitude.

Callback number will be Single.
Julia Sullivan F G3 to F5 Age 25 to 35

Waitress. The pretty "girl next door" in looks and personality. Engaged to Glen but falls in love with Robbie and is conflicted as to who to choose. Empathetic, caring, and brave.

Callback numbers will include: Someday, If I Told You (with Robbie)
Holly F A3 to E5 Age: 25 to 35

Julia's cousin. Sexually promiscuous and always up for a good time, but wants to be loved and is looking for romantic fulfillment in all the wrong places.

Callback number will be Right In Front Of Your Eyes.
Glen Guglia M D4 to B5 Age: 30 to 45

Julia's fiancé. A Wall Street broker. He is rich, shallow, and materialistic. Constantly tries to buy Julia's love with money. He is a bit of a womanizer.

Callback number will be All About The Green.
Rosie F C4 to C5 Age: 60 to 80

Robbie's grandmother who raised him. Motherly but adventurous and always trying to remain "hip" despite her age.
Linda F A3 to D5 Age: 20-30

Robbie's fiancée who leaves him at the altar. Keeps Robbie around as a back-up plan. Is more in love with the idea of Robbie being a rock star than she actually is with Robbie.

Callback number will be Let Me Come Home
Ensemble MF Age: wide range, 18-50+

Various roles, Couples (Harold & Debbie, Shane & Donatella, Crystal & Mookie); Wedding Guests; Stockbrokers; Impersonators; Groom’s Parents, Bride’s Parents

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February 16, 2019

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February 17, 2019

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February 19, 2019

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February 21, 2019

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