The Boy From Oz

Full Cast Announced

We are pleased to finally reveal our full cast list for Front Row Centre's production of The Boy From Oz:


Chris Bell

Daniel Huegli

Dee Anthony

Laura Gillespie

Dick Woolnough

Josef Vermeulen


David Grof


Samantha Carson


Mary Elizabeth Chisholm

George Woolnough

Rob Skeet

Greg Connell

Harrison Bentley

Judy Garland

Danielle Renton

Liza Minnelli

Jessica Jones

Marion Woolnough

Angela Woodard

Mark Herron

Jesse Beilman

Peter Allen

Jeffrey Follis


Andrew Russell


Ellen Sullivan


Kim Cooke


Hannah Kerbes

Young Peter

Hannah Wu


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition. You made our choices extremely difficult. We hope the rest of you that auditioned will be able to either join us in another capacity on this show, or that we will get to see your lovely faces at our next audition call


Janos Zeller, Producer - The Boy From Oz
Front Row Centre Players Society
Calgary's Premier Community Musical Theatre Company
403-246-8505 Ext. 102

Last Edited October 24, 2019 at 4:14 pm