Executive Committee

Darren Stewart
E-mail the President
403-246-8505 (Ext.101)
Vice President
Jenn Lanciault
E-mail the Vice President
403-246-8505 (Ext.107)
John Zeller
E-mail the Treasurer
403-246-8505 (Ext.103)
Joey Sayer
E-mail the Secretary
403-246-8505 (Ext.105)
Artistic Director
Jeffrey Diodati
E-mail the Artistic Director
403-246-8505 (Ext.122)
Marketing Director
Jaclyn Barker
E-mail the Marketing Director
403-246-8505 (Ext.136)
Fund Development Director
Kat Carson
E-mail the Fund Development Director
403-246-8505 (Ext.130)
Technical Director
Steven Eastgaard-Ross
E-mail the Technical Director
403-246-8505 (Ext.132)
Volunteer Director
Cherie Lee
E-mail the Volunteer Director
403-246-8505 (Ext.135)
Inventory Director
Shannon Beshara
E-mail the Inventory Director
403-246-8505 (Ext.129)
Events Director
Jamie Eastgaard-Ross
E-mail the Events Director
403-246-8505 (Ext.109)
Facilities Director
Janos Zeller
E-mail the Facilities Director
403-246-8505 (Ext.102)
Member at Large/Artistic Associate
Jeremy Walker
E-mail the Member at Large/Artistic Associate
403-246-8505 (Ext.137)
Member at Large
Henry Falls
E-mail the Member at Large
403-246-8505 (Ext.138)
Member at Large
Jordanna Fraser Stangeland
E-mail the Member at Large
403-246-8505 (Ext.139)
Member at Large
Lyndsey Paterson
E-mail the Member at Large
403-246-8505 (Ext.127)
Elections to the FRC Board are held each fall at the FRC Annual General Meeting.
To learn more about joining the Board, please visit the Get Involved - Volunteer page
or contact the office at 403-246-8505.