Cast & Crew of 9 to 5 The Musical

Show Leaders

DirectorColleen Bishop&squot;s HeadshotColleen Bishop
ProducerJanos Zeller&squot;s HeadshotJanos Zeller
Stage ManagerSangeeta Dham&squot;s HeadshotSangeeta Dham

Design Team

Musical DirectorLurene Bates&squot;s HeadshotLurene Bates
ChoreographerKara Chapman&squot;s HeadshotKara Chapman
Lighting DesignJames Ravenhill&squot;s HeadshotJames Ravenhill
Set DesignGraeme Humphrey&squot;s HeadshotGraeme Humphrey
Scenic ArtistKristine Astop&squot;s HeadshotKristine Astop
Master CarpenterHarlan Sterner
Costume DesignMaureen May&squot;s HeadshotMaureen May
Costume CoordinatorMegan Mottle&squot;s HeadshotMegan Mottle
Prop DesignAlexandra May&squot;s HeadshotAlexandra May
Sound DesignKris Mish&squot;s HeadshotKris Mish
Hair & Makeup Design (Makeup)Kirstie Gallant&squot;s HeadshotKirstie Gallant
Hair & Makeup Design (Hair)Cat Bentley
Orchestra ConductorWilma Rothbauer&squot;s HeadshotWilma Rothbauer

Production Team

Costume SupportMikee Ames
Costume SupportCarol Clark
Costume SupportElayne Fischer
Costume SupportJane Hurley
Costume SupportRobyn Taphorn
Set Construction (Photocopier)Rich Davis
Set PaintingJamie Eastgaard-Ross
Props AssistantMegan Mottle&squot;s HeadshotMegan Mottle
Dialect CoachingDavid LeReaney
Fight ChoreographerAaron Conrad
Additional Move-In CrewBecky May
Rehearsal PianistDon Kuchinski
Rehearsal PianistWilma Rothbauer&squot;s HeadshotWilma Rothbauer

On Stage


Backstage Crew

Assistant Stage ManagerEric Olberg&squot;s HeadshotEric Olberg
Running CrewMeghan Skeet&squot;s HeadshotMeghan Skeet
Lighting Board OperatorLauren O'Hare&squot;s HeadshotLauren O'Hare
Lighting Board OperatorLeah Winter
Follow Spot OperatorAretha Smith&squot;s HeadshotAretha Smith
Follow Spot OperatorKen Silcox
Follow Spot OperatorChelsea Wellman&squot;s HeadshotChelsea Wellman
Follow Spot OperatorReiley Smith
Sound Operator (Lighting Assistant)Josef Vermeulen&squot;s HeadshotJosef Vermeulen


PhotographyAndre Goulet
Poster DesignElizabeth Cook
Program DesignDarren Stewart&squot;s HeadshotDarren Stewart
Marketing (Additional Support)Cherie Lee&squot;s HeadshotCherie Lee