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As a company that uses only volunteers from the Board through to everyone you see on stage, we have a need for many people with a love of theatre to help in many different ways. Please browse through the many different aspects of putting a show on by clicking on each header, see if there is anywhere that you want to be involved, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to Get Involved!

Show Leaders

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Making the Music Happen (Orchestra)

Making the Magic Happen (Backstage Crew)


Front of House/Ushers


An Important Note
FRC is a volunteer organization. We do not provide honorariums or other payment for services, including those specified by professional organizations. If you belong to a professional organization that does not allow you to volunteer your time, or are unwilling to volunteer your time, we will unfortunately be unable to employ you.

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Please tell us some more about yourself, you may include a brief listing of any relevent experience (Position, Year, Play, Company and Director), any relevant training and what skills you feel you can bring for us. If you are a musician and do not see your instrument listed, please select "General Musician" and add it here.

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